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Itiniraire : Tashkent – Nukus – Khiva – Bukhara – Yourtes Camp – Samarkand – Shakhrisabz –
Tashkent – Kokand – Ferghana – Rishtan – Marguilan – Tashkent
Duration : 11 days/10 nights (The program and rates can be modified according to the dates of the flights and
the wishes of the customer)
Season : from March till November
Accomadation: B*B, Guesthouses, Hotels 2-3-4*
Description: Tour to discover history, architecture, nature and traditions of Uzbekistan.

Программа тура по дням:

Day 1. Tashkent.
Arrival in Tashkent international airport. Meeting with guide. Transfer to the hotel.
Overnight in Tashkent.
Day 2. Tashkent-Nukus-Khiva
Breakfast at hotel. Transfer to airport. Flight for Nukus (1 h 20 min).
Arrival to Nukus. Meeting with guide and Visit the Savitsky Karakalpakstan Art Museum. The
museum hosts the world's second largest collection of Russian avant-garde art and exposition of
Karakalpak applied arts items. Have a short drive around center of Nukus: see statue of
Karakalpak poet Berdakh, Nukus City Hall, and Drama Theatre. In the afternoon depart to Khiva
(200 km, 4-5 h.). On the way visit archaeological monuments of Ancient Khorezm: Chilpyk
Zoroastrian dakhma, and Toprak-Kala – the capital of Khorezm dating back to the 3rd century
A.D. Arrive in Khiva, check in to the hotel. Dinner at old city restaurant. Overnight at the hotel.
Day 3. Khiva
Breakfast at hotel. Khiva - the only "Museum under the open sky" in Central Asia that has been
completely preserved up to the present day. «Ichan-Qala» - the historical center of Khiva which
has been inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage List. City tour around the architectural
complex "Ichan-Qala" (12-19th cc.): Kunya-Ark khan's castle - the inner citadel of Ichan-Qala
(16-17th cc).
Dinner at old city restaurant.
Overnight in Khiva.
Day 4. Khiva - Bukhara (450km)
A.M. Breakfast at hotel. Breakfast at hotel. Departure to Bukhara via Kuzil Kum Desert and
Amu Daria river’panorama. Lunch-picnic at the route. Overnight at hotel.
Day 5. Bukhara
Breakfast. City tour: mausoleum of the Samanids - the most ancient brick building in Central
Asia, a masterpiece of world architecture (9-10th c.), the mausoleum of Chashma Ayub that
belongs to esteemed "places of trace" left by saints (14th c). The legend says that once the bible
prophet Job (Ayub) visited this place. Visit to the museums of Imam Al Bukhari and "The
Museum of Water". Bolo-Houz Mosque - the only monument of medieval Bukhara (beg. of 20th
c), Ark - the center of Bukhara statehood (4th c BC), silk carpet shops, complex Poi Kalon
("Beneath the Great"): Kalyan Minaret - the main symbol of sacred Bukhara that symbolized
authority and power of spiritual governors. (12th c), Kalyan Mosque - its area of 130 x 80 m
surpasses Bibi-Khanym mosque in Samarkand, Miri Arab Madrassah - active madrassah is one
of the most esteemed spiritual Islamic universities (16th c), Taki Zargaron - the dome of jewelers
(15-16th cc), Ulugbeg Madrassah - one of the 3 madrassahs constructed by grandson of
Tamerlan - Ulugbeg (15th c), Abdulaziz-khan Madrassah - a traditional madrassah with 2 floors
of hudjras and a mosque on the central axis ( mid. of 17th c), Tim of Abdullah-Khan madrassah
(1588-1590), atlas shops, Magoki-Attari Mosque - the most ancient mosque in Bukhara (12th c)
is considered a masterpiece of Bukhara architecture, Khanaka and madrassah of Nadir DivanBeghi
- a massive rectangular structure that was a place for the refuge and meditation of Sufis
(17th c), Kukeldash Madrassah (16th c) - one of the biggest Bukhara madrassah, Lyabi-Hauz
ensemble - the largest artificial reservoir of medieval Bukhara - is very popular among travelers
(14-17th cc), Chor Minor ("Four minarets") is an unusual madrassah built by Caliph Niyazkul
(18th c). Overnight in a quiet and cozy Bukhara hotel.
Day 6. Bukhara
Breakfast. Visit of neighboring monuments of Bukhara monuments. Necropol of Bakhaouddin
Nakchband, Summer residence of Emirs of Bukhara.
Lunch at local restaurant.
P.M. : Visit of Chor Bakr Complex and free time for shopping.
Dinner at local restaurant
Overnight at hotel.
Day 7. Bukhara – Nurata – Yourts Camp
Breakfast. In the morning depart to yurt camp located in Kyzylkum desert (230 km, 4-5h.). On
the way stop in Gijduvan pottery masters workshop and Nurata town to visit a local mosque with
a holy spring water. In the afternoon continue driving to yurt camp in Kyzylkum desert. Stop on
Nurata pass to see petroglyphs. Arrive in Safari Yurt Camp, accommodation in yurt. Camel
riding and free time. In the evening dinner near the camp fire with Kazakh akin singing folk
songs. Overnight in the yurt.
Day 8 - Yourts Camp-Aydarkul Lake-Samarkand
Breakfast. In the morning visit desert Aydarkul Lake. Pic-nic. Free time on the lake.
Trip by car to Samarkand. Arrival Samarkand & accommodation at hotel.
Dinner at local restaurant. Overnight in a quiet and cozy Samarkand hotel.
Day 9 - Samarkand
Breakfast. City tour: Registan Square ("A sandy place") - the major square of Samarkand:
Ulugbeg Medressa - Sheikh Khodja Akhrar and poet Djami were among outstanding graduates
of the medressa (15th c.), Sher-Dor Medressa ("Having tigers") (17th c.), Tillya-Kari Medressa
("Coated by gold") - the rich gilding on the dome, walls and mihrab surpassed all other famous
buildings in Central Asia (17th c.). The mosque named after Hazret-Hyzr - an Islamic saint and
eternal wanderer. He was esteemed as giving richness and good luck in far voyages and trade
(19th c.), cathedral mosque Bibi-Khanym that was named after the oldest wife of Tamerlan (14th
c.), the architectural complex Shahi-Zinda (Alive king) - necropolis on the slope of the Afrosiab
hill is connected with Kusam ibn Abbas - the cousin of Prophet Muhammad (11-15th c), Siab
Overnight at hotel.
Day 10 - Samarkand-Shakhrisabz-Samarkand
Depart to Shakhrisabz by mountain zone. Visit Mausoleum of Jakhongir in Dor-us Saodat
Memorial Complex, remains of Ak-Saray Palace, Dor-ut Tilavat Ensemble with Kok-Gumbaz
Mosque and burial vault of Tamerlane’s father. Lunch at local restaurant. In the afternoon
continue driving to Samarkand (90 km, 2 h.*).
Arrive in Samarkand. Overnight at the hotel.
*The road on vans and buses is on average an hour longer.
Day 11 - Samarkand - Tashkent (310km)
Breakfast. Transfer to the railway station. Departure to Tashkent. P.M. Arrival. Accomadation.
Visit of Independace Place and Tamerlan Square. Dinner at restaurant.
Day 12 – Tashkent – Kokand – Fergana
Breakfast. At 07:00 transfer to the Tashkent train station. Take the train departing to Kokand at
08:05 (Alternative transport is available, see below). Arrive in Kokand at 12:16. Meet your
guide and driver and start sightseeing tour in Ferghana Valley. Visit the Khudoyar-Khan
Palace, Jami Mosque and Norbut-biy Madrasah. Drive to Ok Yer village to the house of
craftsman Bakhrom-aka to visit a traditional Kyrgyz family manufacturing wool carpets. After,
drive to Fergana city (80 km) to visit Akhmad Al-Fergani Park. Overnight at the hotel.
Alternative transportation is a car with a driver; the road takes 6 hours and lies through
Kamchik Mountain Pass.
Day 13 - Fergana – Rishtan – Margilan – Tashkent
In the morning, drive from Fergana to Rishtan to the house of a well-known ceramic master
Rustam Usmanov whose works are exhibited on world exhibitions. Enjoy a pottery workshop
and have a look at ceramic collection in a small museum. Drive to Margilan and visit Said
Akhmad-Khoja Madrasah. Today, madrasah is a home to a number of craftsmen producing
handmade carpets and silk. Have a walk on traditional market and continue to Yodgorlik Silk
factory to see the production process of silk with traditional Ikat patterns. If it is Thursday or
Sunday, visit Kumtepa Bazaar, the largest market in Fergana Valley. At 15:20 transfer to
Margilan railway station. Take the train to Tashkent at 16:20. Arrive in Tashkent at 21:25. Pickup
and transfer to your hotel or location. End of the tour.
Alternatively, the road back to Tashkent can be driven; you will return around 19.00.
Day 14. Tashkent – Departure
Transfert to airport early morning to take flight of return


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